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Carp Fishing Spain

At over 900kms in length the river Ebro is the premier carp fishing river in Spain. But it is only in the areas around Mequinenza where a series of dams have been built to form huge semi lakes that the carp fishing in Spain has really flourished, now common carp well in excess of 50lbs are being reguarly caught.

If it is carp fishing in Spain with a difference you are looking for, you are in the right place.From it's source within the Canabria mountain range in the North, through the Pyrenees and Iberian mountains, finally flowing into the Mediteranian at various points between Barcelona and Valencia the river Ebro's diverse landscape is a pleasure to behold.

In places the river Ebro grows to widths of over 350 metres and the surrounding area is home to a huge variety of wildlife from wild boar, mountain goats, vultures, golden eagles, many other birds of prey and of course the best carp fishing in Spain.

The river Ebro's diverse range of conditions  due to its sheer size are not to be under estimated. There frequent spells of strong currents which can prove difficult for all but the most experienced carp fisherman.Location of the carp in such a big river is always a key factor to the success of your holiday. The river Ebro has various stretches have many shallow bay's, reed fringed arms, with shallow snaggy plateaus & deep troughs that form natural larders for the big carp.

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