Can I arrange a short Carp fishing Spain holiday in the winter?,

Yes, even though winter carp fishing in Spain can be amazing, we understand not everybody can come for a week. Three or four night trips are very popular, please get in touch to discuss your exact fishing holiday requirements .

I have read that the river Ebro is a very big river, why should I come to Mequinenza for my carp fishing Spain holiday?

Mequinenza is the best known fishing village on the Ebro for good reason! all the biggest Carp 50lbs+ have been caught from Mequinenza, plus the record Carp for Spain (64lbs). No other part of the river Ebro has anywhere near the same average size of Carp (20lbs+) with 40lb+ Carp now caught reguarly and 30lbs+ Carp are captured daily,

Do you recommend a Carp fishing Spain fishing guide during my holiday in Spain

When you arrive for your carp fishing Spain holiday we will give you a lot of information and guidance on fishing the river ebro and the best tactics. If you feel you would like a carp fishing spain guide for a day or two this can normally be arranged.

When is the best time of year for my carp fishing Spain holiday?

The Carp fishing in Spain on the Ebro can be excellent at virtually anytime of  year, if a large shoal of Ebro Carp come through your swim, whether it is January, March or August, watch out! the catches can be amazing!!.

Where are the Carp fishing Spain holiday apartments located?

The fishing apartments sit on the bank of the river Ebro exactly 1km  or 15 minutes from Mequinenza, the best known place for carp fishing in Spain.Many big carp are reguarly caught directly outside the apartments. 

What personal items should I bring for my Carp fishing Spain holiday?

Do not forget your passport! plus travel Insurance,euros,camera and towels, suitable clothes for carp fishing in Spain summer or winter ,hat/cap and sunglasses, sun cream, after sun, mosquito repellent, travel plug and adaptor

What end fishing tackle for Carp fishing Spain do you advise?

Coated hook link 25lb, Kryston, Korda or Gardener,Lead clips and rubbers.  Size 8 swivels carp fishing hooks, Gardener, E.S.P, Kensaki size 1-4

Armored rig tubing. boilie stops. Leads  4– 5oz distance 5oz grippers.
spare spool 15lb line. P.V.A Anti ladder wide-5m.

Baiting needle, scissors, small box or rig wallet for terminal tackle.
head torch (batteries) catapult or throwing stick.

How do I find my way to the carp fishing Spain apartments in Mequinenza?

Our representative will meet you upon your arrival, you will phone him when you touch down. A route planner for your carp fishing holiday in Spain can be found at www.viamichelin.com

Why do you recommend hiring a car rather than using a airport pick-up service?

With over 60kms of Ebro carp fishing available to you, to get the most from your carp fishing Spain holiday it is essential to be able to change swims and areas at anytime.

What are the best baits for Carp fishing in Spain?

Boilies are ever popular with 'fusion' hookbaits accounting for some very big carp, fish pellets are also very successful

Are there shopping facilities in town?

Yes, there a two small supermarkets, both of which have a good selection of food adequate for a self catering Ebro fishing holiday in Spain

Is there Carp fishing tackle available during my holiday in Spain?

Yes, there are several tackle shops in Mequinenza, whatever you need is available including a wide range of boilies and terminal tackle for carp fishing in Spain. It is all there at prices about the same as the UK.

Will I need a boat for my Carp fishing Spain holiday?

The majority of carp fishing in Spain and on the river Ebro is from the bank, fishing boats are available if required. If possible It is a good idea to have a dinghy to bait up from , but not essential.

What licenses  will I require during my Carp fishing holiday?

You will require a annual fishing license and day tickets, we can organise these for you, the combined price for a weeks Ebro or carp fishing is £30 per person

If I am Carp fishing in Spain how many fishing rods can I use?

On this part of the river Ebro and through most of Spain you can only use two rods.

What is the specification of the  Carp fishing holiday apartments?

The carp fishing holiday apartments are two bedroom, with two single beds in each, there is a shower room, fully equiped kitchen and your balcony overlooks the river ,which is 20 metres away.

On the Ebro is night fishing allowed for Carp?

No, but you can fishing until midnight ,if your swim is fishing well you can sleep their overnight and start fishing again at first light.

Do your Carp fishing holidays in Spain 'run' Saturday- Saturday or can I arrive anytime?

From March-November we like our holiday trips to be Saturday-Saturday. Outside of these periods the carp fishing trips on the Ebro are generally shorter so there is a lot more flexibility regarding dates

If your question on Carp fishing Spain holidays has not been answered, visit raw angling or call us on 0845 618 2770